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      Beach-Ready: How to Wear Men's Hawaiian Shirts with Confidence

      Coofandy's men's beach shirts offer comfort, protection from the sun's rays, and style for your day at the beach or poolside. Breathable fabrics like linen and cotton are most common for beach shirts due to their ability to absorb sweat and dry quickly. The loose, relaxed fit allows for easy movement and air circulation to keep us cool in the warm temperatures. Long or short sleeves are available depending on one's preference for skin coverage and sun protection. Multiple color options and patterns including bright tropical designs, navy blues, and neutrals help men find a style that matches their personality. Side slits and functional features like pockets and drawstrings provide options that allow people to custom tailor the fit and utility of the shirt.

      Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Man's Beach Shirt

      We're here to help you find the right beach shirt. We understand making a choice can be overwhelming, so we've summarized the most important factors to consider based on our experience. Our goal is simply to provide you with the information you need to make a selection that fits your unique taste and lifestyle.

      Fabric - Look for breathable, lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton, and cotton blends. These will keep you cool and comfortable in the heat. Avoid thick, heavy fabrics.

      Fit - Loose, relaxed fits work best for beach shirts. They allow for easy movement and good airflow. Boxy, oversized styles are in fashion now.

      Length - Choose a length that works for you. Short sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves are ideal for maximum sun protection and ventilation. Long sleeves can provide more coverage if desired.

      Color - Light colors and pastels will reflect the sun's rays and keep you cooler. Darker colors absorb heat so are best avoided. Bright colors and patterns look most tropical.

      Style - Decide if you want a more classic or modern style. Boaters, camp shirts and Hawaiian shirts are classic choices. More tailored or fitted silhouettes offer a trendier look.

      Features- Consider pockets, drawstrings, side slits and other features that provide versatility and customization. These functional touches can make a big difference.

      Layering - A beach shirt should layer well under a jacket or over a swim top. The ability to transition from beach to evening is a plus.

      Price - Budget options under $50 are fine for beach wear that will get sandy and wrinkled.

      Season - Lightweight, thin fabrics are best for summer. Heavier or performance shirts work well for spring and fall beach trips.

      Washability - Look for beach shirts made with fabric that is easy to wash and care for between wears. Linen and cotton generally are.

      For all gentlemen looking for a comfortable and stylish beach shirt, Coofandy offers a great option of beach shirts. Coofandy offers a wide assortment of classic and modern fit short and long sleeve beach shirts for men made from breathable cotton and linen, cotton and spandex, and more.

      Matching Guide of Beach Shirt

      Swim Trunks - The most logical pairing for a beach shirt is with a pair of swim trunks. Choose trunks in a complementary color or pattern to your shirt.

      Linen Shorts - Wear your beach shirt untucked with a pair of lightweight linen shorts for a more put together, less matchy-matchy look. Navy, khaki and white are safest options.

      Sandals - Slip into a pair of braided leather or rope & resin sandals to complete your beach outfit. Avoid overly sporty sandals.

      Sunglasses - Grab a pair of polarized sunglasses in black or tortoiseshell frames to protect your eyes from the sun's glare. Wayfarers or rounded frames work well.

      Flip Flops - If you're just running from the car to your beach chair, flip flops will do. Just swap them for your full sandals when walking on hot sand.

      Jewelry - Add a bracelet, watch and simple pendants in sandy tones like gold or beach glass to keep the vibe relaxed.