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Menswear trends this winter reflect a shift towards everyday staples. Casual corduroy jackets and tweed overcoats stand out for providing texture and modernized classic appeal. Both fabrics remain popular among male YouTube, Instagram and TikTok creators for their durability to withstand content filming in colder weather. By breaking down exactly why influencers consistently reach for corduroy and tweed, any guy can pull off this combo for accessible cold-weather looks.


by Ashley Weston

The Allure of Corduroy and Tweed

Corduroy and tweed each boast over a century's worth of men's fashion heritage grounded in functionality. Corduroy's signature plush ridged stripes not only provide visual interest but also generate internal heat ideal for colder months. The tweed is made with cotton and polyester that are woven closely together, which helps to keep you cozy when it's a bit chilly outside. It's comfy and relaxed but still keeps its shape.

Both textiles continue resurfacing whenever classics regain favor. And as men increasingly follow creators' style cues on social media, corduroy and tweed emerge as accessible fabrics mixing modern appeal with practicality. Their fundamental wearability transfers effortlessly through screens to viewers looking to emulate accessible attainable looks.



Why Influencers Go for Corduroy and Tweed

Popular YouTube style expert Ashley Weston spotlights both fabrics as ideal level-ups for men's cold-weather jacket options. As Weston explains in a recent video:

"Two of the pieces from Coofandy's extensive outerwear collection that caught my eye were their classic Tweed coat and their casual corduroy jacket. First up, let's talk Tweed. This vintage Overcoat features a textured Herringbone design for a seamless retro feel and comes complete with a notch style lapel, functional button closure and two spacious front pockets. Timeless and versatile, it can easily be paired with other darker items that make up your winter wardrobe like your dark wash jeans and lace-up boots and its insulated design will keep you warm right up until spring."

"But if you're looking for something that's a bit more casual but equally Timeless then you have to check out Coofandy's multi-pocket corduroy jacket. It's halfway between a blazer and bomber. This simple and stylish jacket features four flap pockets and a cool corduroy exterior that will add some great texture to your everyday outfit. Now it can easily be worn with multiple layers underneath and will cover you from everything from your daily commute to a night on the town."

Weston clearly endorses both corduroy and tweed for their capacity to add textural interest yet also pair smoothly across outfits from dressy to casual. Does this integration of the influencer quote help demonstrate why creators choose these fabrics? Let me know if you would like me to expand or clarify anything!

Key Corduroy and Tweed Jacket Features

So, let's explore the two outstanding outerwear pieces from Coofandy that caught style expert Ashley Weston's eye: the Casual Multi Pockets Corduroy Jacket and Vintage Herringbone Tweed Overcoat .

Casual Multi Pockets Corduroy Jacket provides a cozy feel using its soft cotton-poly blend. Its bomber and trucker jacket styles shine with handy details like real flap pockets, front button closures and sleeve cuffs that roll. Available in army green and black colors that pair easily from dressy to casual outfits.



Vintage Herringbone Tweed Coat woven using wool-cotton mixes proves thick yet flexible, resistant to winter winds. Its classic overcoat silhouette pulls together with a notched collar, dual pockets, front button plackets. Keeping to the adaptable brown color allows it to work across both suits and hoodies for easy styling.



Corduroy and Tweed Into Everyday Winter Style

To make corduroy jackets shine, pair them with versatile layering pieces that align with comfort and casual styling. Quarter-zip knit sweaters offer stretchability for active days while graphic-printed sweatshirts carry enough personality not to compete with textured truckers and bombers. Both tops layer smoothly without adding bulk. For bottom pairs, choose pants offering give like joggers, cargos or five-pockets built incorporating spandex or elastic waists without restrictive structures.

Complement refined tweed overcoats by selecting polished yet forgiving layers you can wear confidently while running daily errands. Pair soft v-neck vests or crewneck knits under the tailored coat, allowing flexibility to pare down to just the sweater indoors after commuting. With overcoats, avoid overly slouchy pants. Instead opt for versatile flat-front wool trousers, neatly tailored enough to transition to impromptu professional meetings.



Caring for Corduroy and Tweed Over Time

Taking proper care of corduroy and tweed pays off by having them last for years as cold-weather staples.

For corduroy, skip the dryer to avoid damage from heat exposure. After washing jackets gently with mild detergent, reshape garments while drying flat. Use fabric shavers to restore pile texture if areas look fuzzy. Consider applying wash-in waterproofing sprays before wearing corduroy outerwear in rain or snow. This protects the fabric and helps moisture bead off the surface.

As for tweed, this wool-based fabric also demands delicate care. Hand wash or use a mesh garment bag on the wool setting for machine washing. Allow overcoats to fully air dry on a wide hanger to maintain the structure. Use tweed combs to lift out surface pills or gently shave them. To refresh shape between professional pressings, steam tweed coats while hanging up.

Storing both fabrics properly during off-seasons preserves their resilience too. Keep corduroy and tweed pieces folded rather than on hangers long term. Use breathable garment bags to prevent dust and moths.



With corduroy jackets and tweed overcoats surfacing as influential menswear standouts this winter, embracing textural layers makes sense. Both fabrics withstand lifestyle demands while adding refined polish that appears approachable, not costumey or inaccessible.

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