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      How Can a Man Wear Tracksuit in Style?

      Whether you're headed to the gym or running errands, a tracksuit set from Coofandy keeps you looking and feeling good. Made from soft, moisture-wicking fabrics, our matching jogger pants and zip-up jackets provide athletic comfort with a sleek style.

      Choose from solid colors or eye-catching prints that coordinate from head to toe. Details like zippered pockets and contrasting stripes add visual interest. Relaxed fits allow full range of motion for any activity while the breathable fabrics keep you cool and dry.

      Coofandy men's tracksuit sets are ideal for workouts, sports, travel, lounging and more. Mix and match pieces to create fresh looks. Free returns within 30 days and fast free shipping on orders over $69. US customers receive free delivery on all items tagged US Only!

      For the ultimate combination of performance, comfort, and style, shop Coofandy's selection of high-quality men's tracksuit sets today!

      Why are tracksuits so popular?

      Tracksuits have surged in popularity in recent years, becoming a fashion staple way beyond the gym. So what is driving the growing tracksuits trend?

      For one, tracksuits are supremely comfortable, with soft fabrics and elastic waists. They provide mobility for active lifestyles as well as leisurely relaxation.

      The rise of athleisure fashion has also made tracksuits a go-to look. Paired with sneakers and other casualwear, they seamlessly transition from workouts to everyday wear.

      Trendsetters like hip hop artists and celebrities helped catapult tracksuits into the mainstream fashion world. Now runways showcase designer tracksuits in luxury fabrics.

      From high-end fashion to streetwear, tracksuits are now wardrobe essentials. Their laidback vibe suits our cultural shift toward comfort and flexibility.

      How to wear a tracksuit in style?

      • Mix and match the pieces - Try combining the jacket with jeans or the pants with a hoodie. This creates a more unique look.
      • Layer it up - Wear your track jacket over a button-down shirt or sweater to give the outfit more depth.
      • Accessorize - Add a stylish watch, hat, or sleek sneakers to elevate the look.
      • Choose modern colors and prints - Monochrome or graphic tracksuits have a more fashion-forward vibe.
      • Size up for an oversized fit - A roomy track jacket with fitted pants balances proportions.
      • Finish with tailored outerwear - Top it off with a long overcoat or leather jacket for an intriguing mix.
      • Cuff the pants - Cropping the pants shows off cool sneakers and adds styling flair.
      • Keep it sleek - Stick to clean, simple lines and avoid anything too baggy.

      Do you wear anything under a tracksuit?

      One of the benefits of a tracksuit is the comfort and ease it provides. For men, it's common to wear a tracksuit without any additional layers underneath. However, there are some options:

      • T-shirt - A basic t-shirt, tank top, or sleeveless undershirt can be worn to help absorb sweat and provide an extra layer for warmth.
      • Compression gear - Compression shirts, shorts or leggings are ideal for workouts, adding support and moisture-wicking performance.
      • Base layers - Lightweight synthetic or merino wool long sleeves and leggings work well for outdoor activities.
      • Boxer briefs - Breathable, lightweight boxer briefs prevent chafing and add comfort under track pants.
      • Nothing - It's perfectly acceptable to wear a tracksuit commando-style without any under layers.

      The beauty of a tracksuit is the flexibility it allows. Try different underlayer options to find what suits your needs and comfort level. Shop Coofandy's selection of men's tracksuits for unmatched quality and fit.

      What kind of shoes do you wear with tracksuits?

      • Sneakers - Sneakers are the most natural choice to complement a tracksuit. Clean white or retro sneakers work well for a sporty look.
      • Slides - For lounging around, slide sandals provide easy slip-on functionality.
      • Slippers - Similarly, slippers or mules give a laidback vibe perfect for relaxing at home.
      • Boots - Lug-soled boots, like Chelsea or lace-up styles, add an urban edge.
      • Oxfords - For smarter occasions, minimal leather oxfords keep things polished.
      • Sport sandals - Athletic slide sandals with Velcro closures are great for activewear.
      • Flip flops - Basic rubber flip flops provide casual beachy vibes.

      Why do people wear tracksuits to the gym?

      • Comfort - Tracksuits provide soft, stretchy comfort that allows free movement during workouts. The loose fit is less restrictive than street clothes.
      • Breathability - Tracksuit fabrics like polyester and nylon allow sweat and heat to dissipate, keeping you cool and dry.
      • Performance - Many tracksuits utilize moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabrics specifically designed for athletic performance.
      • Convenience - Wearing a full tracksuit ensemble is quicker and easier than piecing together multiple workout items.
      • Style - For some, tracksuits provide motivation and put them in an athletic mindset compared to everyday clothes.
      • Familiarity - Tracksuits remind many of high school or college sports uniforms, bringing a sense of nostalgia.

      With their combination of comfort, performance, and athletic style, it's easy to see why tracksuits remain a go-to choice for working out. Shop Coofandy's selection to find the perfect gym tracksuit.