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      Coofandy offers a wide selection of comfortable, stylish men's hoodies for versatile year-round layering. Our hoodies are expertly crafted with premium fabrics, smart designs and quality construction to elevate your casual wardrobe.

      Discover the details of Coofandy's men's hoodies:

      • Soft cotton, polyester and cotton-poly blends for lasting comfort and warmth
      • Both full and half zip hoodies for adjustable coverage and versatility
      • Pullover styles as well as hoodies with front zip closures for varied looks
      • Hoodies in standard and slim athletic fits to complement your shape
      • Fun colorblocked styles, heathered fabrics and tonal embroidered logos
      • Hoodies ideal for workouts, lounging or completing a casual outfit

      Coofandy creates the ultimate men's hoodies online for comfort and easy all-season style. Find your new favorite hoodie at Coofandy. Enjoy free shipping when you spend $69 or more. For US-only products, every order ships free! For every item you purchased, we offer free returns!

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      Men's Hoodie Styling Tips

      The men's hoodie is a wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down seamlessly. Here are some tips for stylish ways to wear your Coofandy hoodie:

      • Layer a hoodie under an unstructured blazer or bomber jacket for a polished casual look. The hoodie provides a cool base layer.
      • Wear a full zip hoodie unzipped over a t-shirt or button-down shirt to change up your look. Zip it up to stay warm.
      • Pair a relaxed fit hoodie with dark wash jeans and clean sneakers for weekend errand running or casual daytime activities.
      • Throw on a hoodie after workouts over athletic wear for added coverage and warmth post-gym.
      • Choose a slim fit hoodie for a put-together layered look under a fitted suede or leather jacket. Size down for a snugger fit.
      • Rock a pullover hoodie with joggers or sweats for a comfortable loungewear ensemble.

      Men's Hoodie Styling Tips for Bigger Guys

      • Hoodies can be worn stylishly by guys of all sizes. Here are some tips:
      • Pairing a hoodie with dark wash fitted jeans creates an effortlessly cool casual outfit. Balance the proportions with a slimmer cut jean. Roll the hoodie cuffs for a laidback vibe.
      • When it comes to weight, a midweight 10-15 oz hoodie provides versatility without being too bulky for layering. But explore different weights to find your preference.
      • Can chubby guys wear oversized hoodies? Yes, but avoid going too oversized. An intentionally oversized hoodie with a cropped hem balances the proportions. Maintain structure on top with a denim jacket.
      • A good hoodie style for bigger guys is a zip-up hoodie in dark neutral colors like black, gray or navy. The zipper creates a cleaner silhouette compared to a pullover hoodie. Minimal colors are slimming.
      • Focus on fit and quality material rather than size. Hoodies framed with smart design provide style and comfort for guys of all body types.

      Men's Hoodie Care Instructions

      Follow these care tips based on experience to keep your hoodies looking and feeling like new:

      • Check the care label. Follow the instructions on the garment's care tag for the most accurate cleaning methods. Labels indicate safe water temperatures, drying methods, and warnings about bleaching or ironing.
      • Pretreat stains. For food, dirt or other stains, pretreat with a stain remover or dab with dish soap before washing. This can help lift stains and prevent setting them in fabric.
      • Wash with like colors and fabrics. Group hoodies in loads with other casual knits and cottons. Don't mix with delicates or lint-producing fabrics.
      • Clean the zipper. Toothbrush and mild soap can help clean dirt and lint buildup on zippers. Keeping zippers clean helps maintain function.
      • Should you turn a hoodie inside out when washing? Yes, washing hoodies inside out protects the fabric's exterior from fading and pilling in the machine. It also reduces stress on graphic prints.
      • Is it OK to put hoodies in the washing machine? Machine washing hoodies is generally fine if done properly on a cold, delicate cycle. Never use hot water as it can shrink or damage fabrics.
      • Other tips: pretreat stains, air dry instead of the dryer, and wash similar colors together. Taking proper care ensures your hoodies stay cozy and stylish for seasons to come.
      • Are hoodies better folded or hung? Hanging hoodies prevents the shoulder seams from being stressed and maintains the shape better over time. Storing folded can stretch the neckhole and cause misshaping.