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      Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Man's Linen Shorts

      When shopping for a perfect pair of men's linen shorts, consider several key factors to ensure a comfortable and stylish fit.

      • Cut: Look for roomy cuts with slanted pockets, drawstrings and elastic waistbands for maximum comfort. Opt for a regular straight leg or light taper for a more tailored fit. Loose cargo or carpenter styles provide versatile utility.
      • Closures: Many of our linen shorts feature snaps, button closures or zip flys which allow for adjustable waistbands. Pull-on elastic and drawstring styles offer convenience at the cost of a tailored fit. Choose the closure that matches your preference for function and aesthetic.
      • Color: Consider linen short shades like navy, taupe, grey and cream for versatile, timeless styles while bolder hues like bright red, yellow and blue work best for warmer weather activities and vacation wear.
      • Quality: Check for linen blend percentages and thread counts to ensure you're getting long-staple linen made from quality flax fibers for lasting shape retention and a softened feel over time.

      Matching Guide of Linen Shorts

      What to wear with Linen Shorts for men? Our collection of men's linen shorts comes in a variety of fits, folds and designs to suit different styles and body types.

      • For a slim, tailored look, our 5-inch linen shorts hit just above the knee will work well with dress shirts and polos for a smart-casual ensemble. The shorter length also pairs perfectly with low sneakers or loafers.
      • For a more relaxed everyday style, opt for linen cargo shorts made from cotton The generous cut, side pockets and longer length provide comfortable coverage while remaining breathable on hot days. Team these with lightweight tees, polos or henleys.
      • For a coordinated summer outfit, consider one of our linen shorts sets featuring matching linen shirt in coordinating color and fabric weight. From solid navy to storm blue shades, these versatile sets hug the body without clinging and remain wrinkle-free for ultimate comfort.

      What are linen shorts good for?

      If someone who owns several pairs of linen shorts, we attest that they are perfect for hot summer days due to their lightweight, airy construction and natural breathability.

      Linen shorts are ideal for casual wear while running errands, relaxing on the weekends or traveling during vacation time. The roomy cut and freely-moving material make them comfortable for lounging yet still suitable for popping into the store or running a quick errand.

      Linen shorts shine on active days like picnics, hiking, or time spent at the beach or by the pool. The absorbent fabric dries quickly and resists clinging, so you can move freely without feeling swamped or sticky. They're practical for throwing on after a dip in the water or heading out for an afternoon stroll.

      Linen shorts also work nicely for golf outings and other sporty pursuits where breathability, comfort and a classic style are important. The washed linen look pairs perfectly with polo shirts, athletic sneakers and other sporty casualwear.

      The best part about linen shorts is how they only improve with age and wear. As the fabric softens and loosens up over time, the shorts conform perfectly to your body while retaining their shape. What begins as stiff and starchy transforms into your most comfortable and beloved pair of summer shorts.

      Can you put linen shorts in the dryer?

      Not recommend putting them in the dryer on a regular basis. While it is possible to tumble dry linen shorts on a low heat setting occasionally, frequent drying in the machine can damage the fabric and shorten the lifespan of the garment.

      The best way to extend the life of your linen shorts is to air dry them. When linen gets excessively hot, as in a dryer, the fibers can start to break down and weaken over time. This makes the fabric more prone to stretching out of shape, tearing and pilling.

      Hanging linen shorts to dry maintains their shape, dimension and color better while preserving the quality of the fabric. Once linen shorts are dried improperly in the machine several times, they are more likely to develop holes, loose threads and an elongated fit that can't be fixed.

      So while it may be convenient to throw damp linen shorts in the dryer, especially right after the beach or a workout, we recommend air drying them as much as possible to keep them looking newer for longer. Hanging linen shorts to dry after machine washing in a cool or cold gentle cycle is best practice to maintain their longevity.

      How do you keep linen from wrinkling?

      After sharing how air drying is best for caring for linen shorts, wrinkles are almost inevitable with linen. However, there are some tricks we have found to reduce and manage wrinkles in linen clothing.

      First and foremost, regularly air drying linen helps minimize wrinkles that set in. Hanging linen garments to dry naturally allows them to dry smoothly, reducing the amount of creasing and crinkling that occurs.

      After drying, you should gently pull and adjust the fabric while it's still damp to smooth out any initial wrinkles. Hanging linen items on wide, padded hangers (not narrow wire hangers) also allows the shoulders and arms to drape naturally with less creasing.

      For any lingering wrinkles, spray the linen lightly with water and smooth the fabric between your hands. The moisture helps the fibers to relax and the wrinkles to fall out. Then hang the item up again or lay it flat to dry completely.

      In some cases, applying a small amount of fabric softener to the linen while damp can assist with reducing static and limiting wrinkles as it dries. However, too much softener can leave a residue, so use sparingly.

      Steam ironing is another option for smoothing out stubborn wrinkles in freshly laundered linen. However, prefer to avoid over-ironing linen since the heat can break down fibers over time. Air drying, gentle handling and occasional re-dampening/smoothing tends to work best for keeping my linen shorts in wearable condition with minimal wrinkles.