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      Discover the perfect gym shirt for your active lifestyle with Coofandy's selection of high quality men's gym shirts. Our athletic cut shirts are designed for comfort, performance, and style whether you're lifting weights, running, doing CrossFit, or playing sports.

      Shop gym shirts made with soft, breathable fabrics that wick moisture to keep you cool and dry during intense workouts. Choose fromfitted or loose styles, sleeveless tanks or short sleeves, and essential solid colors or eye-catching prints. Premium fabrics stretch and flex with your every move.

      Coofandy men's gym shirts also transition seamlessly from the gym to the street. Their athletic inspired styling keeps your look sporty and casual for everyday wear.

      Get the quality, comfort and performance you need to power through any workout with Coofandy's collection of men's gym shirts. And Enjoy and free shipping when you spend $69 or more. For US-only products, every order ships free! For every item you purchased, we offer free returns!

      What kind of shirt is best for gym?

      When it comes to finding the best gym shirts for working out, we always recommend looking for performance fabrics that can handle intense activity. The weights and running on the treadmill, cotton shirts just don't cut it. The cotton traps in sweat and moisture which quickly becomes heavy, uncomfortable and restricts your movement.

      Instead, we suggest choosing lightweight, breathable fabrics like polyester or nylon blends that have moisture wicking technology. These will pull the sweat away from your skin and allow it to evaporate quickly, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable even during high intensity training. The synthetic technical fabrics are also stretchy to allow full range of motion and won't hold onto odors like cotton does.

      For maximal comfort, you'd look for shirts with features like mesh paneling for ventilation, flatlock seams to prevent chafing, and elastic hem bands that stay in place. If you workout outdoors, reflective details can also help with visibility for safety.

      Don't forget about the fit - you want something athletic shaped but not too clingy or restrictive. The right workout shirt will move with you like a second skin.

      With so many gym shirts out there, fabrics really are the key factor to focus on. The best men's gym shirts use advanced technical fabrics to optimize airflow, wicking and stretch so you stay comfortable and perform at your best all workout long. Give performance fabrics a try for your next gym session and I guarantee you'll notice the difference.

      Why moisture wicking material is good for working out?

      Cotton and other fabrics that don't wick away sweat. They tend to get soaked with moisture when you perspire heavily. This causes the material to cling uncomfortably to your body and can make it feel like you're wearing a heavy, wet blanket. It's very restricting.

      But moisture wicking fabrics are specially designed to pull the sweat away from your skin and disperse it across the surface of the shirt so it can evaporate quickly. This prevents that soaked, heavy feeling.

      By keeping you dry, moisture wicking regulates your body temperature so you don't overheat as quickly when you're active. This allows you to workout longer and harder in comfort.

      The quick sweat evaporation also helps prevent chafing and irritation caused by wet fabrics rubbing against your skin. No more neck tags chafing!

      And because the sweat doesn't soak into moisture wicking clothes, they don't hold onto odors either. So your gym shirts stay fresher longer.

      Brands like Nike's Dri-Fit shirts use moisture wicking material. In fact, the terms "moisture wicking" and Dri-Fit refer to the same high-performance polyester fabric technology.

      Overall, the lightweight, breathable feel of moisture wicking is just much more comfortable when you're working your body hard. The technology makes tough workouts actually enjoyable instead of a soggy mess! Check out our selection here to upgrade your training wardrobe: Gym this Mositure Wicking T-shirt

      Men's Gym Shirt Styling Tips

      Styling is less important when you're actually working out in the gym. The focus should be on comfort and performance. But gym shirts can also transition seamlessly to casual everyday wear with the right styling tricks. Here are some tips for wearing your fitness shirts in laidback ways outside the gym:

      • Pair with joggers or shorts for an athletic inspired look when running errands or relaxing at home. Stick to sporty bottoms.
      • Layer under an unbuttoned flannel or denim jacket for a bit of an outdoorsy vibe. Adds warmth too for cool days.
      • Roll up the sleeves and pair with clean white sneakers for easy weekend wear. The cuffed sleeves amplify the casual feel.
      • Wear loose and untucked over jeans with a belt for a bit of slouchy cool. Adds a streetstyle type of edge.
      • Don a backwards cap and sunglasses for a sporty, chill look. Leans into the athletic DNA.
      • Style with a bomber jacket and beanie for an urban casual ensemble. Sweats optional!

      The key is embracing the laidback sporty look with complementary pieces in fabrics like cotton, fleece and poly blends. Focus on versatility and comfort to maximize your gym shirts beyond the weights room.