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      COOFANDY designs men's activewear that can keep up with your every move. Our versatile gym shorts selection offers both durability and active comfort to power you through rigorous workouts or casual wear.

      Why COOFANDY Gym Shorts?

      COOFANDY combines both peak performance and stylish design in the versatile men’s gym shorts selection. Constructed to move with you during even your toughest workouts, our shorts also transition seamlessly into athleisure wear for casual days.

      Lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics provide cool comfort as you take on any physical challenge. Strategically placed pockets securely carry essentials without impeding your movement. Detail features like minimal seams, adjustable waistbands, and performance hems allow full mobility for squats, sprints and everything in between.

      Built to last through endless washes and wears, these gym shorts maintain their quality, shape and performance-ready comfort. Easy to dress both up or down with layers, shoes and accessories, you get double duty out of your new favorite gym shorts.

      COOFANDY gym shorts check off all the boxes: comfort to push your fitness limits, functionality to keep up with your active lifestyle, and sporty style perfect for gym or streetwear. Discover designs created expressly for the active man’s changing needs.

      How to Choose the Best Gym Shorts

      With countless gym shorts available, narrowing your selections may feel challenging. Keep these tips in mind when shopping:

      1. Consider the Activity

      Choose fabrics and fits that enable a free range of motion for your workouts. Breathable meshes and loose silhouettes allow maximum movement during high-intensity training. Compression shorts add stable muscle support for strength training.

      2. Prioritize Comfort

      The most technically advanced shorts mean little if uncomfortable wearing them. Seek stretchy, lightweight fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin during sweaty workouts. Smooth flatlock seams prevent chafing as well.

      3. Focus on Fit

      Well-fitting shorts stay put without restricting your body. Look for adjustable waistbands and an inseam length suited for your height. Size up if between measurements for a less compressive feel.

      4. Mind the Pockets

      Secure yet accessible pockets keep essentials like phones, wallets and keys from bouncing around. Side pockets maintain items without impeding leg mobility. Back zip pockets offer safe storage too.

      5. Don't Overlook Style

      While function takes priority in gym wear, expressing personal style remains important. Choose colors, prints, and cuts that motivate you to hit the gym even on rest days. Mix performance with aesthetic preferences.

      Trying shorts on while simulating workout movements assesses comfort and fit best. Move freely and ensure no bunching, ride up or gaps occur. Quality gym shorts strike the optimal balance of comfort, performance and style.

      Should You Size Up or Down In Gym Shorts?

      Both options have their benefits depending on what you prioritize. The main factors in deciding are comfort, support and preventing excess material from bunching up.

      1. Size Up

      Sizing up is better if you:

      • Want a looser fit that isn't compressive
      • Need full mobility for high-intensity workouts
      • Will be in lots of bending positions wearing them

      An oversized pair will allow extra room for jumping, squatting and stretching without feeling restrictive. Meanwhile, a bit of extra length and fabric prevents exposure. However, sizing up beyond your normal size risks short slipping down or bunching in folds while moving.

      2. Size Down

      Sizing down is better if you:

      • Prefer a tighter, compression fit
      • Are looking for a streamlined silhouette
      • Want additional muscle support

      A contouring fit offers shaping support while you train. Compression fabric retains shape wash after wash when containing spandex. However, sizing down excessively risks too tight of a squeeze that limits the range of motion and leads to discomfort over time.

      3. Try On Multiple Sizes

      Test out a variety of sizes moving around just like your workout. The most comfortable shorts that stay put without adjusting means you've found your best match. They should allow a full range while preventing ride-up. Optimal gym shorts provide the ideal balance of personalized flexibility and coverage for your unique shape and training style needs.

      How Many Gym Shorts Does a Man Own?

      The quantity of gym shorts men need varies by exercise frequency, wardrobe preferences, and laundry routine. With many factors impacting needs, determining ideal quantities helps prevent fashion regrets.

      Your Workout Routine

      💪 Workout 3-4 times a week: 5-7 pairs

      💪 Workout 5-6 times a week: 7-10 pairs

      Match the number of shorts to your workout schedule. This ensures you have clean, ready-to-wear shorts for each gym session without having to wash constantly.

      Sweat Levels During Training

      💧 Light sweater: Minimum pairs based on workout schedule

      💧 Heavy sweater: Add 2-3 extra pairs

      If you tend to sweat a lot during training, own additional backup shorts. This lets you change out of sweat-drenched clothes mid-workout if needed.

      Laundry - How Often You Wash Shorts

      🧺 Wash after every wear = Minimum pairs

      🧺 Wash after a few wears = Own more pairs

      If you reuse shorts before washing, own enough to avoid wearing dirty pairs. Adjust quantities based on your laundry habits.

      Variety - Mixing Up Shorts

      🛍 Start with basic black, gray, and navy shorts

      ➕ Slowly add more colors and styles over time

      Building up basics makes mixing and matching outfits easy. Then introduce new colors, prints and silhouettes seasonally for refreshers.

      Consider all these factors to determine the ideal number of shorts for your needs. Having enough clean pairs makes getting the gym ready quick and simple!

      Find Your Fitness Motivation With COOFANDY Gym Shorts

      At COOFANDY, we offer gym shorts for every performance need and personal style. With diverse fabrics, pocket designs, color palettes and sizing, you'll discover the perfect pair in our collection. Mix and match our classic basics and latest trends for an athletic drawer that evolves alongside your fitness journey.

      Let our activewear selections motivate you each step of the way toward achieving your health goals. Allow our flexible men's shorts to transition seamlessly from intense training to relaxed weekends as well. Constructed from innovative fabrics and strategic features, our shorts equip you to take on any activity while looking your best.

      Whether you're crushing a new PR or running weekend errands, COOFANDY has you covered. Power your most active lifestyle yet with our gym shorts built to move however your body moves. We offer both the performance and style to fuel your fitness motivation.