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      We offer a wide selection of high quality men's T-shirts designed for modern life. Since 2015, Coofandy has been creating essential wardrobe pieces for men that stand the test of time. From the linen tees and casual cotton shirts to performance activewear, our collection features the essential men's linen T-shirt brand to fit your lifestyle.

      Whether you need a daily go-to, an undershirt, a workout shirt or a relaxed date night shirt, we have the perfect men's T-shirt for any occasion. All of our T-shirts are crafted from the finest materials and manufactured to the highest standards for comfort, longevity, and style.

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      Expand your essentials with our collection of classic and modern men's T-shirts. Browse our selection of the high quality fabrics and styles now.

      Matching Guide of Men's T-Shirt

      • Pair a classic crewneck T-shirt with jeans for an everyday casual look, or upgrade with one of our linen or formal fit dress shirts for work or a night out.
      • For the gym or workouts, choose a performance moisture-wicking T-shirt made from technical fabrics that keep you cool and dry.
      • For a relaxed weekend vibe, reach for a scoopneck orV-neck T-shirt in a comfortable cotton-poly blend. Pair with chinos or shorts.
      • Want to upgrade a T-shirt for date night? Opt for a classic solid, lightweight, stretchy basic T-shirt in refined slim fit.

      Take the guesswork out of picking the right men's T-shirt for any occasion. Browse our full selection of high quality T-shirts for men today.

      How many t-shirts would be considered a reasonable number to own?

      • 7 to 10 Basic T-shirts: Most men need at least 7 basic T-shirts in their wardrobe for the workweek. This includes essential colors like white, gray, navy and black. Having 10 gives you a bit more flexibility with variations in fits, necklines and styles.
      • 2 to 3 Undershirts: Men typically need 2 to 3 plain white V-neck or crewneck undershirts for layering under button-up shirts or polos. High-quality moisture-wicking fabrics are best here.
      • 2 to 3 Workout shirts: For working out regularly, having 2 to 3 performance T-shirts in colors like navy, gray or black allows you to workout multiple times between washes.
      • 1 to 2 Casual Weekend Tees: One faded, broken-in T-shirt is a must for lazy weekends. An option in a contrasting color provides some variety for errands or day trips.

      In total, this comes out to around 12 to 18 essential T-shirts that will serve you well for most situations.

      Focus on quality over quantity. A few high-quality T-shirts made from the best materials with perfect fits will last you for years with proper care.

      We offer a range of t-shirt for men organized by occasion and fabric to make finding the perfect style easy. From performance to dress shirts, we have options for every part of your day and week

      What is the best quality for t-shirts?

      • Cotton T-shirts: Cotton is the most classic, breathable, and comfortable fabric for T-shirts. Look for shirts made with 100% cotton for the softest, highest quality cotton tees. These will maintain their shape and color wash after wash.
      • Linen T-shirts: Linen T-shirts are versatile and lightweight, perfect for warm weather. They are great at regulating body temperature due to linen's natural ability to absorb moisture. Linen tees start to soften after washing, giving them a perfectly broken-in feel over time.
      • Blends: Some T-shirts combine made of synthetic fabrics like polyester or spandex. These blends provide properties like moisture-wicking, added durability and a touch of stretch for a perfect slim fit that doesn't ride up.
      • Good Construction: The seams, stitching, neckline and collar quality all influence how well a T-shirt holds up. Look for tees made with flatlock seams that won't come apart, canvas collars that maintain their shape, and youthful fits that don't gap.
      • Proper Fit: Each man needs a different cut and fit for his body type. The best T-shirts are tailored with fit in mind, providing just the right amount of room, taper and length to feel comfortable and stylish.

      In summary, for the best men's T-shirts, look for materials like cotton and linen that are breathable and naturally regulate moisture. Pay attention to the details in the construction and how the tee is tailored for your desired fit. These qualities will give you T-shirts that stand the test of time.