Brett Maverick's Guide: How to Find Aesthetic Clothes for Men


  1. Succession's Quiet Luxury: Subtle Elegance in Fashion
  2. Brett Maverick's COOFANDY Picks
  3. How to Build an Aesthetic Wardrobe Foundation
  4. Pulling Together Complete Aesthetic Outfits
  5. Forging Your Unique Style Path in Men's Aesthetic Fashion

Style influencer Brett Maverick first discovered the impressive aesthetic clothing brand COOFANDY rather serendipitously when he desperately needed a stylish new blazer last minute for his brother's wedding. With only days to spare, COOFANDY came through as the sole supplier able to ship a tailored khaki blazer in time for the big event. Brett was thrilled when it arrived looking fantastic, kicking off his introduction to the brand's array of on-trend pieces capturing that coveted "old money" aesthetic he loves. Given their combination of bold designs, natural fabrics like breezy linen button-downs, and high-quality tailoring punching well above typical fast fashion brands, Maverick continues returning to COOFANDY while keenly sharing their wares. With reasonable price points meeting impressive execution across their ever-evolving catalog spanning formal wear to daily casual pieces, COOFANDY cements itself as a prime destination for gents seeking to inject more aesthetic flair into their wardrobes.

Succession's Quiet Luxury: Subtle Elegance in Fashion

The latest trend sweeping the runways and red carpets is "quiet luxury," a term that encapsulates a shift toward refined simplicity in high fashion, as showcased by the fictional Roy family from HBO's hit series "Succession." This style moves away from garish logos and overt displays of wealth, favoring instead a minimalist approach that champions understated, perfectly tailored designer wear. It implies a new kind of confidence-one that doesn't feel the need to shout its presence through flamboyant branding but instead whispers its pedigree with subtle sophistication.

Characters like Shiv Roy become the embodiment of this philosophy on-screen, with their clothing choices playing a pivotal role. A wardrobe consisting of sleek suits, elegant knitwear, and cozy turtlenecks-all curated within a disciplined color scheme of grays, blacks, browns, and beiges-captures the essence of quiet luxury.

Brett Maverick

Brett Maverick's COOFANDY Picks

Influencer Brett Maverick called out in his recent video a handful of winning garments from his go-to aesthetic fashion brand COOFANDY that serve both stylish and functional needs:

1. Lightweight Linen Button Downs

Billowy linen button-down shirts shine as a flattering seasonless staple for achieving that effortlessly chic aesthetic vibe Maverick loves. The organic texture adds depth while the relaxed silhouette creates a laidback yet put-together impression perfect for transitioning from beach lounging right to evening cocktails.

Brett Maverick

Stylish Cotton Linen Beach Shirt - Versatile and casual for any occasion - COOFANDY

2. Tailored Khaki Blazers

Maverick revealed COOFANDY's tailored khaki blazers came through in a pinch as wedding guest attire - hardly surprising given their versatility pairing just as easily with casual linen shirts as they do as part of a sharp suit. The lightweight construction suits year-round wear while lending a modern edge.

Brett Maverick

Casual Blazer - Professional Suit Material, Premium Texture | US Only - COOFANDY

3. Three-Piece Suits

For moments demanding sharper dress, COOFANDY's well-cut three-piece suits facilitate sophistication without sacrificing the superb drape and range of motion signature of the brand. Paired with a signature Maverick floral dress shirt, even the most formal occasion suddenly channels a playful flair.

Through their thoughtful material selection, flattering tailored fits, and touches of unique detailing on classic menswear styles, COOFANDY makes aesthetic dressing achievable for every gentleman whether they aspire to Brett Maverick's globetrotting adventurer chic or their own signature twist.

Brett Maverick

Stylish 3 Piece Suits Set for Prom and Special Occasions (US Only) - COOFANDY

How to Build an Aesthetic Wardrobe Foundation

Curating closet staples to jumpstart your aesthetic fashion journey need not prove confusing or expensive. Focus on versatile basics aligning with your personal style direction favoring pieces with intriguing details over loud branding.

1. Tops

Prioritize high-quality layered pieces up top ideal for mixing, matching, and styling in creative ways:

2. Bottoms

For bottoms, focus on cuts and fabrics enabling comfort while making a statement:

3. Outerwear

Don't overlook aesthetic jackets and coats to complete looks:

Building upon basic wardrobe foundations catering to personal style opens endless mix-and-match possibilities for infusing designer flair into daily outfits without breaking budgets.

Brett Maverick

Pulling Together Complete Aesthetic Outfits

When curating pieces to complement an aesthetic clothing wardrobe, keep several styling factors in mind:

1. Mind the Proportions

Oversized tops often pair best with slimmer bottoms for balance while a roomy jacket matches well with skinny pants. Pay attention to silhouette interplay.

2. Utilize Texture Thoughtfully

If wearing an ultra-smooth silk shirt, offset it with hiking pants boasting some tooth. Contrasts make fabrics pop more through tactile interplay.

3. Seek Unexpected Details

When reviewing options, note unique touches like an inventive belt buckle, carved wood buttons, or embroidered motif elevating the design. Find eye-catching distinctions.

4. Accessorize Intentionally

Leather bracelets, woven beaded necklaces, and patterned silk scarves infuse personal panache to polish off looks with artistic flair.

5. Make DIY Adjustments

Customize pieces through subtle bleaching, strategic distressing, applique patches, or stud embellishments for one-of-a-kind results imbued with ingenuity.

While vibrant colors have their place for making statements, embracing nuance through proportion, texture, and meticulous details enables putting together aesthetically intriguing outfits perfect for creative personal expression.

Brett Maverick

Forging Your Unique Style Path in Men's Aesthetic Fashion

Aesthetic men's fashion liberates wearers to inject personal creativity into getting dressed daily – whether channeling bold signature looks like influencer Brett Maverick or cultivating an artistic edge reflecting inner values. Avoid chasing fleeting hype in favor of curating an adaptable edited wardrobe mixing tailored staples with avant-garde details in personalized textures, colors, and silhouettes. Conduct honest self-assessment, find inspiration resonating emotionally, and support brands aligning ethically. By leading with ingenuity rather than prescriptive rules, gents can forge their own style paths in this artistic domain, blending individuality with cues from the community and redefining modern menswear.

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