How to Stylishly Wear Vests This Fall/Winter 2023: A Gentleman's Guide


  1. Three Basic Rules for Matching A Man's Vest
  2. The Must-Have Vests for Fall Style
  3. Crafting Fashionable Fall/Winter Outfits with Vests
  4. Coofandy Offers Vest Options
  5. The Versatile Vest Levels Up Any Outfit

As the leaves change hue and temperatures decline, it's time to rethink your attire. This autumn and winter, bring stylish panache to your ensembles with the versatile gentleman's vest.

Once seen as stuffy and outdated, the vest has made a major comeback in men's fashion. Now a wardrobe staple, vests instantaneously elevate any look with refined sophistication. Lean into this essential layering piece with the right mix of classic and contemporary.

In this guide, we'll explore tips to pull off the vest with aplomb this season. From key types to style pairings, learn how to incorporate vests into your fall and winter wardrobe.

Three Basic Rules for Matching A Man's Vest

Want to look put together this fall? It's all about nailing the details when sporting a vest. Follow these fundamental guidelines to effortlessly incorporate it into your outfit:

  1. Coordinate it with the rest of your look. The vest should work with the vibe you're going for, whether it's suit-and-tie formal or relaxed weekend casual. Make sure it complements the colors, patterns and formality of the other pieces. A mismatch can look haphazardly thrown together.
  2. Get the right tailored fit. Select a vest that contours your torso without pulling or sagging fabric. The armholes should sit comfortably on your shoulders. Proper slim fit keeps it from looking boxy or oversized. Sitting just below the waistline creates a flattering silhouette.
  3. Stick to muted, versatile color palettes. While you can play with fun patterns and textures, avoid loud prints or neon brights. Neutral tones of black, gray, navy and tan are classics for a reason - they'll match with anything. Use your shirt and accessories for bolder pops of color.

It's all about nailing these vest fundamentals. Follow this checklist and you'll always look deliberate and refined, never sloppy.


Vintage Double-Breasted Vest

The Must-Have Vests for Fall Style

When autumn arrives, vests become the perfect way to elevate your outfits for both work and weekend. Rather than a stodgy extra layer, today's vests blend seamlessly into any ensemble.

For the office, suit vests add a dash of refined polish. Choose a three-piece suit featuring a matching vest in rich fall hues like navy or charcoal grey. It pulls the professional look together.

Black-tie events call for formal waistcoats made of silk, velvet or jacquard, sometimes with ornate embroidery or paisley patterns. It brings that sophisticated flair for your next wedding or gala.

For more casual fall days, grab your favorite pair of jeans and top it with a rugged utility vest in canvas, denim or corduroy. Then layer on a hearty flannel or sweater. This combination is great for apple picking or football games.

When the weather really dips, quilted puffer vests lend exceptional warmth and protection from wind over hoodies and light jackets. The sleek nylon outer shell even makes it a handsome weekend piece. Just size down for a trimmer fit.


Victorian Floral Vest - Premium Jacquard Fabric

Crafting Fashionable Fall/Winter Outfits with Vests

Now for some inspiration on coordinating complete looks anchored by your vest:

The tailored suit vest, crisply pressed dress shirt and slacks combination exudes confidence and corporate refinement. Finish with brogues or loafers to complete the polished professional style.


Formal Fashion Vest - High-Quality Material, Stylish Design

For formal affairs, pair your embroidered waistcoat with a sharp tuxedo and patent leather dress shoes. It emanates sophisticated elegance perfect for weddings, galas and the theater.


Floral Vest 4Pcs Suit - Stylish Waistcoat Set for Men | Perfect for Formal Events

On weekends, try a worn-in denim utility vest with your favorite thermal henley or flannel, dark fitted jeans and work boots. It projects adventurous weekend warrior vibes suited for hikes and tailgates.


Trendy Raw Trim Denim Vest

For running casual errands, the sweater vest coupled with a collared shirt, slim chinos and clean casual sneakers oozes casual sophistication.


V Neck Sleeveless Knitted Vest - Soft, Lightweight

When cabin trips or apple orchards call, combine that cozy puffer vest with cargo pants, a checkered flannel and rugged boots or high-tops. It's an outdoorsy look befitting the season.


Coofandy Sleeveless Knitted Vest - Comfortable

Elevate your outfit by accessorizing with leather gloves, bold wristwatches, lapel pins, pocket squares or your favorite cold weather scarf. Keep colors and patterns coordinated. By fine-tuning these small details, your vest becomes the stylish centerpiece of any autumn ensemble.


Coofandy Offers Vest Options

Looking for the perfect vest to upgrade your fall style? Coofandy offers many stylish options to choose from.

Browse classic tweed vests with modern splicing and stitching. Find textured suit vests in fresh patterns like houndstooth and herringbone. Or pick a sleek leather vest for edgy flair.

With vests ranging from formal to casual, you're sure to discover the perfect look for both workdays and weekends. Coofandy has all the essential vest styles to make you look sharp this season.

So check out the versatile selection at You'll find the ideal vest to level up your outfits with sophisticated flair.

The Versatile Vest Levels Up Any Outfit

Whether you're a vest veteran or trying this transformative layer for the first time, incorporating vests into your fall wardrobe elevates any outfit.

So embrace the return of the vest. Experiment with outfit combinations until you find your signature style. Use it to pull together business formal, weekend casual, and everything in between.

The refined, timeless vest keeps you warm in both temperature and fashion esteem. Let it become your closet's MVP this autumn and winter.

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