Styling a Men's Blazer: From Classic to Modern Looks


  1. Wearing Blazers Casually
  2. Edgy Streetwear Pairings
  3. Modern Updates to Classic Blazers
  4. Make the Blazer Your Own With Custom Touches

The blazer is a timeless wardrobe staple for every man that transcends passing trends. It's a classic style that has been around for generations, hearkening back to elite English private school uniforms. But the blazer is also an endlessly versatile piece that can be restyled and updated for a modern, fashion-forward look.

Traditionally, blazers conjure up images of formal business suits with conservative two-button closure, notch lapels, and neutral colors like navy, black, or gray. While these classic silhouettes and fabrics still have their place, today's blazers come in a range of cuts, colors, patterns and details that give them a contemporary twist.

By styling a blazer in an unexpected way, you can bridge the gap between classic and current. Take a traditional tailored blazer out of its comfort zone by wearing it casually with jeans, pairing it with athletic sneakers, or layering it over a graphic t-shirt. Suddenly that staid wardrobe staple looks fresh and modern.

Wearing Blazers Casually

One of the easiest ways to modernize a blazer is by ditching dress pants and wearing it with dark wash denim instead. A crisp menswear blazer paired with designer jeans creates an effortlessly cool look. Roll up the sleeves a few turns and leave the button undone for a relaxed vibe.

For weekend wear, try a fitted blazer with black or blue jeans and a casual button-down in an Oxford cloth or chambray. Loafers or minimal white sneakers complete the look. To make your outfit directional, opt for black jeans and white sneakers with a textured blazer in an interesting pattern or fabric like houndstooth, herringbone or tweed.

In summer, a lightweight unlined blazer looks sharp with dark denim and adds polish to casual shorts. For hot weather, focus on breezy linen, cotton, or seersucker that won't cause you to overheat.

Loose Fit Two Button Casual Blazer (US Only)

Edgy Streetwear Pairings

Today's fashion-conscious men are also styling blazers with edgier streetwear pieces. A traditional navy two-button blazer takes on a whole new vibe when paired with joggers, exposed ankle track pants, or distressed denim.

Layer a smart houndstooth or checked blazer over a graphic t-shirt or hoodie for an unexpected mix of formal and casual. This creates the signature juxtaposition of high and low that defines modern streetwear style.

For a downtown cool aesthetic, contrast a tailored blazer with a basic tee, faded black jeans with rips at the knees, and skater sneakers. Finish with some layered silver necklaces for that urban edge.

Lightweight Blazer (US Only)

Modern Updates to Classic Blazers

Beyond styling, updates to the blazer's design and construction also give it a contemporary facelift:

Slim and Tailored Cuts

Today's blazers have slimmer, contoured fits compared to the boxy suits of previous decades. Opt for a trim silhouette that follows the lines of your body. For maximum mobility, stretch blends with wool or synthetics are ideal.

Shorter Length and Cropped Cuts

Cropped, above-the-hip blazer lengths create a casual, youthful look. Shorter jackets complement low-rise pants well. Go for crisp lines when pairing a cropped blazer with high-waisted trousers.

Minimalist Aesthetic

Clean, minimalist styles in a single neutral color look sleek and modern. Avoid heavily embellished buttons, flashy linings, and ornate detailing. Opt for a streamlined, Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic.

Novel Fabrics and Textures

Play with unique fabrics like performance tech wool, nubby linen blends, or lightweight terry cloth. Sophisticated velvety fabrics like velvet or corduroy also modernize the blazer.

Casual Regular Fit Lightweight Linen Blazer (US Only)

Make the Blazer Your Own With Custom Touches

One of the best ways to revamp a basic blazer is by adding unique custom details that showcase your personal style. With some creative modifications, you can transform a thrift store find into a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Elbow Patches

Sewing contrasting fabric patches onto the elbows of a blazer adds a professorial twist. Opt for suede or leather patches in brown or tan on a tweed jacket. Or go bold with pops of color by using scraps of a vibrant printed or checked fabric. Keep the look refined by ensuring the patches are cleanly stitched and proportional to the blazer size.


Add initials or a monogram to the breast pocket with embroidered stitching for a personalized touch. Use script lettering in a coordinating thread color for subtle elegance. Or make the monogram stand out against the blazer fabric by using metallic gold or silver threading. Placement is key - keep embroidery small and positioned neatly above the pocket.

Unique Closures

Replace plain buttons with eye-catching alternatives like smooth wooden toggles, decorative horn closures, or vintage-inspired glass buttons. For a DIY option, cover existing plastic buttons with printed fabric by stretching and gluing material over the button shape. Just take care to choose lightweight fabrics that won't cause gapping.

Creative Embellishments

Break out the craft supplies and embellish your blazer with unique touches like piping along the edges, sharp contrast stitching, or even subtle glitter accents. Use iron-on adhesive to attach studs, sequins, or other shiny embellishments for extra flair. Keep embellishments minimal and concentrated on lapels, pockets, or seams so they don't appear overdone.

With some simple customizations, you can transform a basic blazer into a memorable statement piece that showcases your personal flair. Add small creative touches for a subtle effect, or go bold with colorful or sparkly accents to make your blazer stand out.

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